Why our school now has a website.

You may think that only businesses need websites, but it is becoming increasingly important for schools to have a website as well. In fact, many would say it is essential.

It is the main way that people will find us

Most people now primarily use the internet when they want to find information, and Google is often the first place they go.

When looking for a school, they will either type in the name of your school, or a keyword like ‘schools in Zimbabwe’. You want to make sure that the first thing they see is a link to your website, otherwise you could be missing out to the competition.

Keep the community updated

A website is the perfect place to provide updated information in the form of news and events.

Some people will want to bookmark your news section to find out the latest information as it happens.

Improve the school’s image

One of the most important reasons to have a school website is that people expect you to have one these days. People will often make the first form of contact with your school through your website, and if you do not have one this can hurt your school’s image.

However, simply having a website is not enough. To improve the school’s image, you want to make sure it has a professional and attractive design and that it is rich in features like ours.

A service like GoDigital can do that for you. They help schools with websites to create an excellent first impression and demonstrate that they are serious about their image.


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